Digitail™: The Bosses' Big Presentation

Its been a big day for Digitail, a relatively new practice we have hatched over at Integer.  Digitail was created to capitalize on existing trends in the retail and digital spaces which are bringing the two closer and closer together. Digitail has basically involved a shift in thinking across the agency as well as  new internal structures and a couple strategic alliances.  Both Craig Elston, SVP of Insight and Strategy (my boss) and Morgan McAlenney, SVP of all things digital (my adopted boss) are at the In-store Marketing Institute Summit today presenting. This is the first time that we have had an industry forum to present our thinking in this arena. (you download the presentation here).  I'm very curious to see what the response is.

Also, today, gave us a guest column spot and pubilshed an article on Digitail as well.  Article is here

The launch of this practice has been a real adventure and has already yielded some great results.  If you want to long story on Digitail, you can read the white paper which can be found on (our work blog). The white paper can be found here


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