PRISM White Paper

Over on our official Integer blog,, we have posted our first white paper. The paper covers off on our point of view about the impact PRISM will have on the in-store media landscape. We draw some parallels to the impact of metrics on other media vehicles and make some rough predictions about where we think the industry will go. Check it out.


At Shelf Video Gets a Little Better

Recently had a meeting with POP Broadcasting to check out their new demo unit for at shelf video. (See pic to the side and notice coffee cup cleverly place for scale) There are a couple fascinating things about this unit that get me excited.

1. Its wireless and runs off of cellular signals. This means that you don't need to tap the stores internet connection or depend on their IT capabilities. Content is beamed directly to each unit from POP Broadcasting's mothership.

2. Not only do you get the motion activated video screen, but you also have a small text display which can be changed out to display a price point, promo message or whatever you want.

3. Content can be change out in a relatively real time manner via the web. Clients can log in and upload new creative and can even schedule during what daypart they want it to start running.

4. Backend reporting is fantastic. Clients can log in and get reports of how many times what content played and in which stores. Imagine paralleling that with sales data to determine real effectiveness.

Like I said, after the meeting I was excited about the possiblities of this kind of technology at shelf. Will keep you posted in the future with what happens.

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