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As marketers we all may sometimes fall victim to overthinking things sometimes. So, on occasion, tts nice to see a simple promotion for a simple category.

Introducing Scott's Common Sense promotion. Check it out here.

Premise: See in-store materials or FSI, go to website, submit a tip that your mother told you, have a chance to win $25,000. I discovered the promo in-store on a Smartsource Banner. (I've been behind on my coupon clipping and missed the FSI which dropped mid May).

Once at the website, consumers are greeted with perfectly expected experience. The site is full of polls, tips, community, submit a tip and win, etc... Navigation is intuitive and feels like the other sites that their consumers are probably used to. Color palette is soft and soothing (2 good things to associate with toliet paper). Overall, this is easy.

I played on the site a bit, and then was pleasantly (as a marketer), surprise when I left. After closing the site, I was served a little pop up.

"hey, you interested in filling out a survey", said the little pop-up. "you could win $250".

See, when submitting tips for the sweepstakes, they asked for bear minimum information. They simply want to drive participation. Then for those interested, when served the pop-up, you can fill out a rather extensive survey which asked all kinds of demo, brand and category questions. A treasure trove of data for a little re-marketing later.

Now, I'm not sure what Morgan's take will be on this, he's the online guy. But as a retail to web promotion, this worked for me. Easy to understand in-store proposition drove to a web experience that was comfortable and easy. While not every brand should do comfortable and easy, its exactly what I want from my toliet paper.

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